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About The Credit.net Verified Seal

Let the world know your credit is in good standing

Placing the Credit.net verified seal on your website enhances your credibility. This can encourage existing customers to expand their relationship with you and it can encourage new prospects to do business with you.

Annual Seal

The annual Credit.net verified seal shows that your company has been verified by Infogroup, our parent company. This means that not only has the existence of your business been confirmed through publicly available information, but that Infogroup researchers have also contacted your company to confirm the details we have about your business.

Premium Seal

In addition to offering the benefits of the annual seal, the premium seal lets your website visitors access your current Credit.net report instantly at no cost. This provides them with an additional level of insight into the financial standing and credibility of your organization, and demonstrates that keeping your credit in good standing is one of your top priorities.

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Verify your information

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