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Custom Analytics

Discover New Business Insights

Custom analytics uncovers data-driven insights that will help with credit decision-making, risk management, and reaching your business goals. We offer a variety of predictive models that can help you better understand the risk profile, profitability, and growth potential of existing customers as well as improve the productivity of your marketing efforts.

Get Deeper Customer Insights and Improve Profitability

Recency/Frequency/Monetary (RFM) Model

We can analyze your customer data and identify your best customers by examining their purchase and spend behaviors. We can also categorize customers into high, medium, and low revenue tiers. This insight will allow you to focus your resources on your best customers.

Cross-sell/Upsell Model

By analyzing customer data, such as purchase history, we can identify which of your customers are good candidates for up-sell and cross-sell efforts with growth potential.

Win-Back Model

Analysis of lapsed customers’ purchase behavior and characteristics of your current best customers can be used to predict which customers are most likely to respond do win-back offers.

Retention Model

By analyzing your sales records, we can build a model to predict which new customers are likely repeat buyers or one-time buyers. This insight can help you focus your efforts on deepening relationships with customers who are at higher risk of leaving.

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Improve the Effectiveness of Your Marketing Efforts

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Acquisition/Cloning Model

We can use your customer data to build a model that will identify prospects in our database that have the same characteristics as your best customers.

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Response Model

Using your mail file, we can build a model that will identify the most significant attributes of those who respond to your direct marketing efforts, and then identify prospects in our database with those characteristics.

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