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Enhanced Insights

Get Deeper Company & Industry Insights

To get deeper insights into a company’s financial operations, market environment and value, you can add the following elements to a business credit report for an additional fee:

Payment Trade Information

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Experian’s Intelliscore PlusSM v2.0 is a predictive risk score that helps you identify accounts that are at a higher risk for severe payment delinquency so you can make fast, reliable credit decisions and manage your credit portfolio. It includes enhanced features such as an “emerging market” model segment for new companies, and a cascade approach for using blended business and consumer data on business owners.


The Experian Payment Trend Summary Table, which details a company’s payment pattern over time on both a monthly and quarterly basis.

Alert Monitoring is now included with each purchase of Experian’s Intelliscore Plus v2.0.  This service helps notify you to any changes to the Intelliscore Plus v2.0 for that given organization over the course of 12 months (from date of purchase).  This new service provides you with an extra level of insight so you can take the appropriate course of action to grow your business while mitigating potential risks.

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Bizminer Industry Insights

Bizminer provides critical insights into a company’s financial operations and market environment. You will receive:

Industry Financial Insights

Key performance indicators matched to the industry/size of the company you are reviewing gives insight into how its financial profile compares with industry benchmarks.

Market Analysis Insights

Industry metrics including average sales volume, market penetration, sales rank, market area per capita income and more, give insight into a company’s competitive position.

Business Value Insights

Understand likely firm value scenarios derived from Bizminer’s firm-specific sales analysis and its database of more than 30,000 recent business transaction multiples.

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