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PPSA Similar Lists

Personal Property Security Act (PPSA) filings are valuable to your business – but they can be difficult to obtain. Wouldn’t it be great if you had an affordable, reliable PPSA-like solution at your fingertips? Luckily, has identified leads for alternative loans, giving businesses like yours a dependable alternative to PPSA data.

By applying our knowledge of the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) market to the Canadian market, has created a highly efficient model for pinpointing businesses in our Canadian Businesses database that are similar to PPSA profiles.

What is PPSA Data?

The Personal Property Security Act or PPSA is a statute in most Canadian provinces. A standard similar to UCC data in the United States, PPSA data governs priorities for the purchase and sale of moveable property wherein a creditor has security interest.

PPSA reports can reveal liens registered against corporations, businesses, and even individuals. PPSA reports can also include valuable information like the debtor’s name, the lender, and the length of agreement.

Our solution includes targeted business prospects that match PPSA profiles you want to reach and include:

  • Number of years in business
  • Estimated sales volume
  • Number of employees
  • Credit rating scores
  • Key executive contacts
  • Corporate information
  • Websites

Businesses that may need PPSA-like data include:

  • Merchant cash advance companies
  • Business cash advance companies
  • Alternative lenders
  • Financial lenders
  • And more!

Data You Can Count On

We go to great lengths to ensure the data we gather is as accurate as possible, investing over $20 million annually and employing over 300 researchers who compile our business database. In fact, our data is trusted to power the world’s leading search engines.

Learn more about our business lists similar to PPSA profiles.

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