Our parent company – Infogroup – has the most accurate up-to-date database of US businesses. This proprietary, copyrighted database contains information on 25 million U.S. businesses and 1.5 million Canadian businesses.

Curating data from multiple sources is key to obtaining quality information. Infogroup aggregates more data from more disparate sources than any other business information provider. Examples of sources used include: new business filings, press releases, utility connections, SEC filings and annual reports, corporate websites, and feedback from businesses themselves.

Because of the formation of new businesses, entities going out of business and changes to existing businesses, the database is continually maintained to keep the information up-to-date and accurate. Infogroup makes over 24 million telephone calls a year to verify, update and improve the accuracy of any business information that may have changed since it was last compiled.

For more information see data quality.