This is what you need to know about UCC lists.

What are UCC Lists?

What are UCC lists? When you are looking for new ways to benefit your small business, you may want to look into how up to date uniform commercial code (UCC) lists can help you out.

What are UCC Lists?

In basic terms, according to The Legal Dictionarythe Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) is a set of suggested laws relating to commercial transactions. There are different provisions that each pertain to a specific area of commercial law. The UCC is periodically reviewed and updated so it is important to stay up to date on these codes and be aware of how businesses you are working with are staying up to date.

How does the understanding of it benefit your small business?

If you are conducting any business across state lines, these codes will apply to you. These laws are not federal laws, but laws adopted and regulated by the individual states. So the better understanding you have of them, the better your small business and the companies you do business with can comply with them.

Some of the transactions that fall under the UCC, according to Jux Law Firm are:

  • Sales
  • Leases
  • Bank deposits and collections
  • Letters of credit
  • Secured transactions
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By working with companies who you have data on regarding UCC, you are making smarter business decisions. Just like you should research the business credit reports of companies you plan on working with, the more data, like that of UCC, you have is better. This is important in making smart, well-informed, professional decisions.

How can I learn more about it?

If you are looking to learn more about UCC and make sure your small business and the businesses with whom you transact are always in compliance, look to for help.

Updated monthly, the current and historical UCC lists provides will help you quickly identify potential leads before the competition. Let our data experts help you target the right UCC leads based on your specific business requirements.

Each filing from includes:

  • Debtor name and address
  • Secured party name and address
  • Filing date
  • Filing number
  • Filing location
  • Filing type has the most accurate data possible with over $20 million annually invested and more than 350 researchers consistently compiling business data to turn out the most trusted information. Our database is highly accurate, up to date and inclusive. It is one of the best tools you can use while running your business.

In addition to UCC data, can provide you and your small business with many other tools and solutions for achieving success, including:

  • Streamlined company credit reports
  • Business lists
  • Online marketing
  • Data processing

Whether your current business needs fall under UCC data or something else, please contact us at for information on our full-service solutions. You will work with professional experts in the field as you watch your business thrive. We offer the perfect solution to meet your needs in any industry. You can sign up for our free trial and see for yourself.