Some of the information credit companies collect includes banking and leasing data and UCC filings.

The 3 C’s of Business Credit Reporting You Need to Know

When your business credit reporting decisions need help, it may be time to turn a credit company that specializes in solutions for that need.

Without all of the necessary components for success, a company won’t be able to offer the best and most complete service. When you are searching for that company, make sure that they have the three C’s of an excellent business credit reporting company. is a model company of these components.

What are the 3 C’s?

The three C’s consist of these components, and it takes all three of them together for a complete, successful package:

  1. complete coverage
  2. consistent correctness
  3. continually current

Complete Coverage

With, the credit reports we provide include complete coverage, which means you will have access to details from our database of more than 15.5 million businesses in the U.S. and Canada for an extensive business credit check for companies including privately-owned, small, and other hard-to-find businesses. You will be able to thoroughly evaluate any company, large or small, before extending credit or signing a contract. You’ll know about their financial stability and all the other valuable data needed to evaluate each company is before working with them so you can make an informed, accurate business decision.

Consistent Correctness

Consistent correctness and accurate, detailed information are vital to an effective business credit reporting company. goes beyond industry standards to make sure the data that you access is accurate and complete. With over 300 researchers and multi-million dollar annual investments, the information in’s database is up to date, correct, and accurate. It’s information you can trust to make your credit decisions.

Continually Current

Our data is constantly being updated. provides current, accurate information from financials to contacts. In an age of ever-changing information, it has never been as important as it is today to ensure that the information you access is up to date.

What information is collected?

According to WalletHub, the main components credit companies look at are:

  • company history
  • inquiries
  • accounts in collections:
  • banking and leasing data
  • Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) filings

The key to success is identifying the right businesses to target. With’s thorough information and business credit reporting, we can help you do this. It’s difficult to compile all of the information needed for informed decisions, and a solid, knowledgeable company with a history of expertise to do this is integral to success. A credit solution company with any less will not be able to provide the complete information that you need. also has the information on small businesses; some of the big names in this field focus more on the large companies and don’t compile this information. By offering the most accurate and extensive business credit data, this company can fulfill your needs for business credit reporting solutions.

With’s industry-leading data, complete with the three C’s, you can enhance your company with targeted business lists and easy to read credit reports. When you are selecting a business credit reporting company, you want the best and most thorough service available—one that offers complete coverage, consistent correctness and continually current information. Contact us today.