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5 Things You Need to Know About Small Business Marketing

Successful small business marketing boils down to five things.

No matter how great your product or your service is, if you own a small business, you also have to work on your marketing efforts. If no one knows about you, your great product or service isn’t going to be in demand. The good news is that there are lots of different ways to get the word out about your business.

Here are five best practices for effective small business marketing:

1) Engage Your Customers

You can do this through social media, blogs, contests, or effective storytelling. Forbes shares the benefits of great storytelling to build a strong brand. You can continually add pictures and anecdotes to that story to develop your brand story over time. There are many different ways to engage with your customers, but great storytelling should be a theme in whichever approach you choose.

2) Be Present in Your Community

Sponsor a club or an event at the local high school or become active in community service. Partner with a local elementary school and offer discounts. This also will add to your “story” and help you connect with your community. Be active in a positive role, and this will increase your business.

3) Use Email Marketing

Some small business owners are steering away from email marketing in lieu of other avenues. However, according to another Forbes article, email marketing is one of the best strategies for small businesses. Make your email content engaging and fun. can help you develop your email marketing campaigns as well as pinpoint and create a strong list for emailing your ideal prospects.

4) Be Aware of Who Your Clients, Vendors, and Customers Are

By checking business credit history through a company that offers business credit checks, you can rest assured you are dealing with reputable clients. With, you can make confident business credit decisions using reliable data.

5) Stay Current

Trends are around for a reason. You want to be doing things successful companies are doing now, like being involved in social media and your community. Some things that worked years ago may not be as effective today. Also, don’t overlook word of mouth—one of the best forms of marketing. If you are doing the right things, your business will make its way around with a positive light. People share on social media, they talk to their friends, and they offer recommendations. By staying active and current on trends, word will get around about your business.

Let help with your small business marketing needs. Whether it’s to formulate a database for email marketing or check company credit, can be there for you with experts and accurate data. You don’t have to do it all yourself. Please contact us for more information—we are ready to help!

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