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Who is
How is our database compiled?
What does our database contain?
How we create our credit information?
How can you use business credit scores in your business?
What are the limitations of credit ratings?

Who is is a division of infoUSAŽ Inc. (NASDAQ: IUSA). infoUSA (, founded in 1972, is the leading provider of business and consumer information products, database marketing services, data processing services and sales and marketing solutions. Content is the essential ingredient in every marketing program, and infoUSA has the most comprehensive data in the industry, and is the only company to own a proprietary database of 250 million consumers and 14 million businesses under one roof. The infoUSA database powers the directory services of the top Internet traffic-generating sites. Over 4 million customers use infoUSA's products and services to find new customers, grow their sales, and for other direct marketing, telemarketing, customer analysis and credit reference purposes. infoUSA headquarters are located at 1020 E. 1st St, Papillion, NE 68046 and can be contacted at (866) 285-1058.

How is our database compiled?
infoUSA updates all 15.5 million business records every year using telephone directories, annual reports, press releases, SEC records, Chamber of Commerce directories, and thousands of other sources.

  • infoUSA makes over 17 million phone calls every year to update our database.
  • infoUSA adds 175,000 businesses to the database every month.
  • infoUSA deletes 130,000 businesses from our database every month.
  • infoUSA processes the database against the National Change of Address file from the U.S. Postal Service monthly.
  • infoUSA updates over 10 million businesses in our database with fewer than 20 employees.
  • infoUSA updates all records in-house to ensure accuracy and to manager the compilation process.
  • infoUSA uses financial information from 8,000 publicly-traded companies.
  • infoUSA researches 3 million businesses including start-ups and closings before assigning a company's rating.
After comparing our current database to our 1994 database, we have found that over 99% of companies with infoUSA scores of 90+ and 90% of companies with scores of 80-89 are still in business.

What does our database contain?
Our database contains:

  • Business Name
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • SIC Code
  • Number of Employees
  • Suite Number
  • Name of Owner or Manager
  • Corporate Linkage
  • Estimated Sales Volume
  • Key Executives
  • Our unique Business Credit Scores

How we create our credit information?
We have developed a sophisticated computer model to assign credit scores to most of the 15.5 million businesses in our database. Our model considers information such as number o employee, years in database, industry stability and barriers to entry, census data, and other factors to arrive at credit scores that are practical, statistically sound indicators of probable ability to pay.

We use our business credit scores for our own credit decisions. We grant millions of dollars in trade credit each year - most of it in small transactions. We use our Business Credit Scores for these decisions and have experienced a very low level of write-offs.

How can you use business credit scores in your business?
The uses for our business database are virtually limitless. And now by having Business Credit Scores, there are even broader applications in business-to-business marketing. For example, you can use this information to:

  • Help make decisions on extending small lines of credit.
  • Locate data on small, privately-owned businesses.
  • Verify the existence of a business.
  • Identify headquarters and lines of business.
The list goes on and on! This is your single best tool for credit and marketing applications.

What are the limitations of credit ratings?
Assigning Business Credit Scores to businesses is not an exact science. Even though we use the most sophisticated models and computer programs to predict the creditworthiness of a business, it is still not a fool-proof process. These scores should only be used for low-risk credit transactions and should not be the sole criteria to restrict, deny or grant credit. If loss of revenue from a credit transaction would be detrimental to your business, please do not extend credit.

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